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Case Title Ref.No Author Category
Vistaar Lends Itself to Small Businesses ABCC-2018-029 Varadharajan Sridhar Finance & Economics
Shenzhen at 40: From Shanzhai Hub to Startup Haven (2008-2018) ABCC-2018-028 Lim Wee Kiat, Neo Boon Siong, Dolly Leow, Coco Wang Strategy
Beeplus: Insight into China's Co-working Space Industry ABCC-2018-027 Boh Wai Fong, Dolly Leow Entrepreneurship
Energo Labs and Biota (B): Persevere, Pivot or Perish? ABCC-2018-026 A. Lee Gilbert Technology
Energo Labs and Biota (A): Persevere, Pivot or Perish? ABCC-2018-025 A. Lee Gilbert Technology
A Tale of Two Cities – The Logistics Industry in Singapore and Hong Kong ABCC-2018-024 Danielle Yew, Neo Boon Siong Business & Government
Rise and Stumble: The Innovation Journey of ZTE ABCC-2018-023 Rainny Shuyan Xie, Neo Boon Siong Strategy
Mighty Jaxx Rocks to an Agile Beat: Toys as Art ABCC-2018-022 A. Lee Gilbert Entrepreneurship
Shenzhen at 40: China’s Silicon Valley of Hardware (1978-2018) ABCC-2018-021 Neo Boon Siong, Dolly Leow, Lim Wee Kiat, Coco Wang Strategy
China Eastern Airlines (CEA): Strategic Pathway to Going Global ABCC-2018-020 Yang Jun Jie, Clive Choo Strategy

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