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Rewiring the Enterprise for Digital Innovation: The Case of DBS Bank ABCC-2015-004 Sia Siew Kien, Christina Soh, Peter Weill, Yvonne Chong Information & Communications Technology
Biosensors International Group: Valuation and Impairment Testing of Intangibles ABCC-2014-009 Patricia Tan, Jian Ming Accounting
Space & Light Studios: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and the Business of Yoga ABCC-2014-002 Chua Wei Hwa, Koh Wei Chern, Wee Beng Geok Accounting
SMRT Trains – Managing Operations and Service Quality ABCC-2014-001 S. Viswanathan, D.G. Allampalli Operations Management
Cultural Challenges of Integration: Value Creation and Daiichi Sankyo's Indian Acquisition (Executive Case) ABCC-2012-E002 Wee Beng Geok, Wilfred Chua Strategy
EZ-Link and NETS E-Payment: Creating a Standard and Building a Platform Innovation ABCC-2012-002 Christina Soh, Yvonne Chong Information & Communications Technology
Tata Consultancy Services: Sustaining Growth Momentum in China 2010 ABCC-2010-002 Wee Beng Geok, A. Lee Gilbert, Ivy Buche Strategy
Wilmar International Limited: Managing Multiple Stakeholders in a Global Palm Oil Agribusiness Group ABCC-2010/12-004 Wee Beng Geok, Geraldine Chen, Ivy Buche Sustainability
Four Star Industries Singapore – Matching Supply with Demand ABCC-2009-005 S. Viswanathan, D.G Allampalli Operations Management
Hyflux Limited and Water Sustainability - Treading Blue Oceans ABCC-2009/12-003 Wee Beng Geok, Ivy Buche, Mark Kroll, Timothy Chua Sustainability

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